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"RAISE Sherpas was more than just a loan ! It was mostly help, mentoring, access to top management of big companies, network... "
Martin Jaglin
Co-founder @MonPetitGazon
"RAISE Sherpas was a great help to us in 2016, at a time in our history when non-dilutive funding and access to a network were crucial to our development."
Thomas Rebaud
Co-founder @Meero
"Their support network combined with a flexible and efficient funding process has been key to our development".
Julie Chapon
Co-founder @Yuka
" Since we received the RAISESHERPAS loan, we have launched Germany, England,  exceeded 1 billion in sales, and raised over 500 million euros! "
Philippe de Chanville
“ We were very lucky to benefit from the RAISE Sherpas Interest Free Loan in 2016, before our €3M fundraising. This loan allowed us not to lose time and to start our investments before the closing ! "
Charlotte Cadé
Co-founder @Selency
" Sherpas is an entrepreneur's friendly compass: ping pong of ideas with high level interlocutors - the team is incredibly smart - a hyper quality network and super strong relationships for Virgil as a result. "
Saskia Fiszel
co-founder @Virgil

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How can you be 100% philanthropic?

RAISE Group investment teams donate 50% of their carried interest to RAISE Sherpas, so that we can support our entrepreneurs for free!

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How to apply?

If you are a startup between post-seed and series B, you can apply here. The team will get back to you soon !

What is our acceleration sweet spot?

We support startups from post-seed to Series B!
Most of the time, these startups have already found their Product Market Fit and their first customers.

Who have we backed?`

We have closed 18 investments with Phiture (by RAISE Sherpas). Among our first public deals : moka.care, Welcome to the Jungle, Bene Bono, Stockly, Hors Normes, Fairmat, Jump, elba, Filigran, Ecosystem Restoration Standard, Koyeb, Graneet, Finres,  Strapi.io...

Meet our startups

What is our new project Phiture (by RAISE Sherpas)?

Phiture (by RAISE Sherpas) is the 1st tech investment fund, that chooses to be non-profit! 100% of Phiture’s return on investment will be donated to non-profit organizations building products and services focusing on the Environment, Employment, Entrepreneurship for underprivileged people and interest-free loans for Impact Projects.

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