We believe Tech Funding and Philanthropy can be bridged

And that’s why
we created Phiture.

Phiture is the 1st Tech investment fund that will forgo 100% of its return on investments to NGOs dedicated to the environment, employment, entrepreneuship for underprivileged populations, and Interest free loans for impact projects.

No carried (interest), no fees.
Not a penny.

“But how will you guys earn money on the best deals you are going to invest in?” We WON’T. This is the first tech fund in which the team won’t have a financial upside, but that will rather focus on creating value for the greater good.

But why are we doing that?
For Love.

Following the path of what we have built in the past 7 years - Raise Sherpas being the first non profit acceleration program for startups - we are now launching the first 100% non profit tech fund.

Thanks to Phiture, entrepreneurs become Philanthropes, before they even can. If they succeed, their financial success will indirectly benefit to the greater good.

From granting our first loan to ManoMano in 2015, to building a 10 persons-team, it has only been love.

Those who have succeeded, help us support those who will, while making sure those multiples will positively impact non-profit institutions.
This new model of  supporting startups is key to us and we hope that this new wave of investing in Tech will keep growing in the near future because funding innovations is a way to build our civilisation for the next upcoming years.

We have a deep admiration for what entrepreneurs do. The same love and dedication they put into their venture, we try to put in what we are building to support them.

Phiture is a contraction of Philanthropy and Future. Some of the money that keeps flowing - and will keep flowing - into startups need to benefit the greater good.

If not for love…

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