How can you be 100% philanthropic ?

RAISE Group investment teams donate 50% of their carried interest to Raise Sherpas, so that we can support our entrepreneurs for free !

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How to apply ?

If you are a startup between post-seed and series B, you can apply here. The team will get back to you soon !

What is our acceleration sweet spot ?

We support startups from post-seed to Series B, with an average annual turnover of 500K€ to 1m€. Most of the time, these startups have already found their Product Market Fit and their first customers.

Who have we backed ?`

We have closed 6 investments with Phiture, our first 2 public deals are Moka.care and Strapi.io

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What is our new project Phiture ?

Phiture is the 1st tech investment fund, that chooses to be non-profit ! 100% of Phiture’s return on investment will be donated to non-profit organizations building products and services focusing on the Environment, Employment, Entrepreneurship for underprivileged people and interest-free loans for Impact Projects.

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